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2" WALLS The 2" thick wall system is our biggest seller. Stock wall sections with window openings come 8', 9'and10' tall and from 30" to 54" wide in 6" increments. Each panel has a male or female extrusion down each side to attach to the next window panel, filler panel, corner post or receiving channel. The standard 8 ft section has a 22"tall kick panel of 2" thick EPS foam with an embossed aluminum skin bonded to both sides. Above this is a 62"tall window with 12" of fill (same as kick panel) on top. The R-value of the 2" panel is about 8. Electrical wiring is usually accomplished using a surface mount system.

Single glazed sliding windows are standard in our 2" patio room walls. This combination is what we refer to as a 3-season room. Many customers in our area (Delaware) use there unheated rooms from early spring to late fall. With the proper exposure, sunny days in mid-winter can make the room comfortable even in freezing temperatures. Various tints and specialty finishes are available on the glass.

As an option you can get double glazed windows in our 2" wall system for a more energy efficient room. This would still be considered a 3-season room in places where the climate is similar to or colder than ours in Delaware. A heater would make most cold days comfortable but you would still want to be able to close the room off from the rest of your house.

4-Track vinyl windows in our 2" wall system are a good choice for a 3-season room. They have about the same energy efficiency as single glazed windows. They open to give about 70% unobstructed air flow. 4-Track vinyl windows are available clear and gray or smoke tints for no extra cost. While nothing is unbreakable our vinyl is very tough and durable. If you do manage to cut or break the vinyl, it does not shatter and there are no sharp edges. Ordering wall sections with 4-Track vinyl windows installed floor to ceiling is a popular option. Our made to order 4-Track vinyl windows are great for installation in stick built screen rooms or for a custom fit into existing porch or screen room framing.

2-Track horizontal vinyl sliders are similar to our standard glass sliders but lighter and shatter resistant, also available in clear, gray and smoke tints for no extra charge.

You can build an exceptional pre-fab screen room using our 2" patio room wall sections without windows installed, just screened openings. This makes an excellent room like screen enclosure. This is also a great way to build a patio room in stages. Build the walls and roof one year and add windows the next. Because the screen openings are built to fit our stock windows, ordering windows that will fit exactly is quick and easy.

Stick framed screen walls are built on site using 1"x2" and 2"x2" aluminum extrusions and can be made with an aluminum kick panel or screened floor to ceiling. Extrusions are usually shipped as 24' or 30' pieces and you cut them to fit the same as you would with wood framing. The advantages to aluminum are,you usually have smaller cross sectional materials, so your porch feels more open. Damaged screens are easily replaced using the built in spline groove and flat rubber screen spline, no more staples and wooden screen moldings. The painted aluminum finish requires minimum to no maintenance. You are building with screws, most of which are hidden from view. The materials are dimensionally stable with no shrinking, splitting or warping from rain or humidity. Extrusions are available in white, ivory and bronze. Kick panel is .024" aluminum coil 16" tall(other heights available) with a smooth or embossed texture. Vinyl or glass windows can be installed in stick framed walls by either ordering custom sized windows to fit your framing or do your framing to fit stock sized windows.